Radiology Medical Equipment Appraisals

Radiology Equipment AppraisersCollateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. (CEA) provides medical equipment appraisals primarily for use by regional healthcare organizations as part of a medical practice acquisition.  Medical equipment appraisals are also provided for the purposes of allocation of cost, asset based financing, buy/sell agreements, estate and income tax planning, lease structuring and transactions, etc.

Radiology is the field of medicine that involves the use of radioactive equipment, including X-ray machines, to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. A Radiologist is a physician who utilizes imaging methodologies to diagnose and manage patients and provide therapeutic options. Physicians practicing in the field of Radiology specialize in Diagnostic Radiology or Radiation Oncology. The discipline also includes Radiologic Physics.

CEA has provided Radiology Medical Equipment appraisals since 1990. For more information, please contact us.