Miami Florida Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Miami Florida Equipment AppraisersCollateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. (CEA) has provided machinery and equipment appraisals in the Miami, Florida area since 1990. Our expertise as machinery and equipment appraisers includes medical equipment, construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, industrial equipment, and transportation equipment.

CEA provides machinery and equipment appraisals for the following purposes: asset based loans or refinancing; ad valorem tax purposes; allocation of purchase price; condemnation or eminent domain; FAS141/FAS142 reporting; insurance purposes; leasing; corporate conversions, dissolutions, mergers, purchases, sales, etc.

For most of Miami’s history, its economy has been based on tourism. In fact, it was not so long ago that the city came to life only during the winter months when tourists from cold northern regions flocked to its beaches, hotels, and resorts. That phenomenon is no longer the case, as tourists visit the region throughout the year.

While tourism continues to be the principal industry in Miami, the city’s economy has become more diversified. Trade is increasingly vital to the economy. Its close proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean make it the center of international trade with those areas. Because many companies choose to establish their Latin American headquarters in southern Florida, Miami-Dade County is known as the “Gateway to the Americas.” Approximately 1,200 multinational corporations are established in the region.

The city’s international trade infrastructure is vast and varied. Miami International Airport is the nation’s top airport for international freight and third for international passengers. The Port of Miami ranks first among the state’s containerized ports and ninth in the United States. The World Trade Center Miami is Florida’s oldest international organization, and assists member companies to introduce and expand their international presence. Miami is home to more than 64 foreign consulates, 25 international trade offices, and 32 bi-national chambers of commerce. Two free trade zones exist in Greater Miami, the Homestead Free Zone and the Miami Free Zone, one of the worlds largest privately owned and operated zones. The top imports into the Miami Customs District are apparel and accessories; the leading exports were electrical machinery and photographic and medical equipment.

International banking is another growing segment of the economy. Approximately 100 commercial banks, thrift institutions, foreign bank agencies, and Edge Act banks are located in downtown Miami, representing the largest concentration of domestic and international banks on the East Coast south of New York. Brazilian, British, Canadian, French, German, Israeli, Japanese, Spanish, and Venezuelan banks have offices in Miami-Dade County.

Items and goods produced: apparel, textiles, books and magazines, pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostic testing equipment, plastics, aluminum products, furniture, light manufactured goods, transportation equipment, cement, electronic components, agricultural products such as tomatoes, beans, avocadoes, and citrus fruits.