Delaware Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Delaware Equipment AppraisersCollateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. (CEA) has provided machinery and equipment appraisals in Delaware since 1990. Our expertise as machinery and equipment appraisers includes medical equipment, construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, industrial equipment, and transportation equipment.

CEA provides machinery and equipment appraisals for the following purposes: asset based loans or refinancing; ad valorem tax purposes; allocation of purchase price; condemnation or eminent domain; FAS141/FAS142 reporting; insurance purposes; leasing; corporate conversions, dissolutions, mergers, purchases, sales, etc.

CEA has completed recent machinery and equipment appraisals in the following Delaware cities and towns: Dover; Newark; Wilmington.

Because of Delaware’s lenient laws regulating business taxation and practice, some of the nation’s largest corporations, especially banking and financial services companies, have major offices in northern Delaware. Since the 1990’s the finance and insurance sectors have become increasingly important for employment and income and now dominant the state’s economy, although manufacturing and agriculture are still significant. The manufacturing, credit card, banking, and insurance industries are largely concentrated in the north, while farming is carried on mainly below the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

Chief agricultural products are broiler chickens, soybeans, corn, and dairy products. Potatoes and other vegetables are also grown. Delaware’s small fishing industry harvests mainly clams, menhaden, oysters, and scup.

Industries around Wilmington include the large chemicals and materials company that was founded by the DuPont family in the 19th century. The biomedical, apparel, processed foods, rubber and plastic products, and transportation equipment industries contribute significantly to the economy.

Also economically important is the Dover Air Force Base, the largest military facility in the state; tourism, mainly to the state’s Atlantic beaches and gambling.